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Welcome to the homepage for the Southern Fandom Resource Guide convention calendar, a comprehensive listing of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Gaming, Comics, Anime and Pop Culture conventions held in the Southeastern United States.

Founded in 1995, the SFRG is maintained by longtime Southern fan Kelly Lockhart and is updated on a weekly basis (depending on work and vacation schedules). Be sure to "like" us on our Facebook page to keep up with the latest updates.

Conventions are listed by date, convention name (linked to their website), and city and state where they are being held. If you know of a convention that we do not have listed (or need to correct an existing listing), please send us the relevant information so that we can include them as well. 

Our coverage region includes: Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, along with portions of Texas and Missouri. It may not be the most precise definition of "Southern", but it works for us.



 May 19-22  -- MegaCon -- Orlando, Florida 

 May 20-22 -- Florida Super Con -- Miami Beach, Florida

 May 21 -- Asheville Comic Con -- Fletcher, North Carolina

 May 21 -- San Antonio Book Festival -- San Antonio, Texas

 May 21 -- Comic Book Show -- Annandale, Virginia 

 May 26-29 -- MomoCon -- Atlanta, Georgia

 May 27-29 -- Carolina Fear Fest -- Raleigh, North Carolina

 May 27-29 -- ConQuesT 53 -- Kansas City, Missouri

 May 27-29 -- Animazement -- Raleigh, North Carolina

 May 27-30 -- Balticon 56 -- Baltimore, Maryland

 May 28-30 -- Mizucon -- Miami, Florida

 June 3-5 -- A-Kon 30 -- Dallas, Texas
 June 4 -- Gatsby Gala -- Savannah, Georgia

 August 13 -- Greenville Comic Con -- Greenville, North Carolina

 September 11 -- Comic Book Show -- Annandale, Virginia 

 October 1 -- Monster Fest -- Chesapeake, Virginia

 October 15 -- Vampire Ball III -- Savannah, Georgia

 October 22-23 -- Congress Of Gamers -- Rockville, Maryland

 October 22-23 -- Chattanooga Comic Con -- Chattanooga, TN

 January 12-15 -- Ichibancon 13 -- Concord, North Carolina

 January 13-15 -- Chattacon 48 -- Chattanooga, Tennessee

 January 13-16 -- SCARAB -- Columbia, South Carolina

 January 20-22 -- Ikkicon -- Austin, Texas

 January 21-22 -- Central Florida Comic Con -- Lakeland, Florida

A note on advertising: Many people over the years have asked why the SFRG has no advertising. Simple reason: we don't need it. More detailed reasons: keeping track of advertising is a lot of work, we feel that ads clutter up the site, and we like to be completely independent favoring no convention over any other. And we don't need it. The only expenses the site incurs are hosting costs and domain registration, which are minimal. We don't even take donations. If you really want to express your appreciation for this site, the next time you see me (Kelly) at a con, just tell me. You don't even need to buy me a drink...unless you really want to, in which case I won't turn one down. Hey, I'm not stupid. Bourbon is my fav, just as a point of reference.

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