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Welcome to the homepage for the Southern Fandom Resource Guide convention calendar, a comprehensive listing of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Gaming, Comics, Anime and Pop Culture conventions held in the Southeastern United States.

Founded in 1995, the SFRG is maintained by longtime Southern fan Kelly Lockhart and is updated every Tuesday morning (depending on work and vacation schedules). Be sure to "like" us on our Facebook page to keep up with the latest updates.

Conventions are listed by date, convention name (linked to their website), and city and state where they are being held. If you know of a convention that we do not have listed (or need to correct an existing listing), please send us the relevant information so that we can include them as well. 

For the purposes of this guide, we have configured our coverage region to include: Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, portions of Texas and Missouri, and the cruise ship conventions that leave from Florida and Louisiana. It may not be the most precise definition of "Southern", but it pretty much works for us.

Upcoming Southern Conventions New Additions To The Calendar
September 22-24 -- Baltimore Comic-Con -- Baltimore, Maryland

September 22-24 -- FenCon 14 -- Dallas, Texas

September 22-24 -- Spa Con -- Hot Springs, Arkansas

September 23  -- BTL Collectibles Show -- Miami, Florida 

September 23 -- Crystal Coast Con -- Swansboro, North Carolina

September 23-24 -- Monster Con -- San Antonio, Texas

September 23-24 -- STCE's Comic Con -- Laredo, Texas

September 23-24 -- Toy & Hobby Show -- Raleigh, North Carolina

September 28-Oct 1 -- Anime Weekend Atlanta -- Atlanta, Georgia

September 28-Oct 1 -- Hurricon -- Orlando, Florida

September 29-Oct 1 -- Konsplosion! -- Fort Smith, Arkansas

September 28-Oct 1 -- Palm Con -- West Palm Beach, Florida

September 29-Oct 1 -- MegaCon Tampa Bay -- Tampa, Florida

September 29-Oct 1 -- Monster-Mania Con -- Hunt Valley, Maryland

September 29-Oct 1 -- Monsterama -- Atlanta, Georgia

September 29-Oct 1 -- OmegaCon -- Charlottesville, Virginia

September 29-Oct 1 -- ScareFest -- Lexington, Kentucky

September 30-Oct 1 -- Klingon Feast -- Daytona Beach, Florida

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September 24  -- Awesome Toy Collector Show -- Houston, Texas

September 30 -- Awesome Comic Book Show -- Houston, Texas

September 30 -- Distinguished Society -- Fredericksburg, Virginia

September 30 -- Joshua Game Day -- Joshua, Texas

October 13-15 -- Snap-Con -- Cape Girardeau, Missouri

October 13-15 -- Wizard World -- Biloxi, Mississippi

October 14 -- Charm City Gameday -- Glen Burnie, Maryland

November 10-11 -- Extra Life Charity Event -- Atlanta, Georgia

November 18 -- Slover Libray Game Day -- Norfolk, Virginia

December 1-3 -- Wizard World -- Winston-Salem, North Carolina

February 9-11 -- Rapier -- Jacksonville, Florida

March 17 --  FarleyCon -- East Ridge, Tennessee

April 21-22 -- Marble City Comicon -- Knoxville, Tennessee

July 19-22 -- MetroCon -- Tampa, Florida

July 27-29 -- Anime Austin -- Austin, Texas

July 29 -- Anime Regional Convention -- Asheville, North Carolina

August 30-September 2 -- NOVA Open -- Arlington, Virginia

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   so that we can keep this list as updated and accurate as possible.
World Conventions

World Fantasy Convention
   November 25, 2017
   San Antonio, Texas
World Boardgaming Championships
   July 21-29, 2018
   Seven Springs, Pennsylvania
World Science Fiction Convention
   August 16-20, 2018
   San Jose, California

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